Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Mac and 'Geez!' What's your favorite #dairyfreecheese ?

My new discovery?
Roasted Sweet Potato
Sweet potato has that golden yellow color we connect with creamy cheddar cheese sauce. Roasting it brings out a natural sweetness, adding another layer of flavor to balance the salty, savory notes of this dish. You get all of that rich, creamy texture thatyou'd get from nuts or dairy, but with a lot less fat.
Another chef's trick? 
Use the pasta water from cooking the noodles to create a richer, creamier sauce.
And with @wholefoods chickpea noodles, you get 22g protein per serving, almost half your daily need.

Recipe link below and in bio

Photos by @amywithaj

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How it Works:

Choose up to 5 portions for any entree.  

Most "extra" items will be 4-6 portions.
Prices include: Personalized menu, grocery shopping, delivery (within the city), easy reheat instructions. 

Prices do not include grocery costs.  
This can range from $60 (for an all-vegan menu for 2) to $150 (for an organic-only, lots of seafood menu for 6).  

While I try to shop as organic as possible, especially with pantry staples, grains, and spices, I know that organic is more expensive and will only buy “all-organic” under your advice.  Choosing to go 100% organic costs about 30% more.  
You'll can save money by choosing more plant-based entrees, like whole grains, beans, and lentils.

Pricing Guidelines

  • $175: 1 entrée + sides

  • $200: 2 entrees + sides (Ideal for 1-2 people)

  • $250: 3 entrees + sides (Ideal for 2-3 people)

  • $300: 4 entrees + sides (Ideal for 4-5 people)

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  • $25: Delivery to Suburbs

  • $50: Nutrition Analysis

  • $80 - $150/person: Private Event Catering

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I usually shop for groceries at these places:

  • Jewel Osco, Green City Market, and Whole Foods for fresh produce

  • Whole Foods for pantry items, dry goods, meat, seafood, and dairy

  • Amazon Pantry for organic spices, gluten-free flours, and other pantry staples.

I buy in bulk to get high-quality products at lower costs.  This helps save you money on grocery costs.

If you have a preference or recommendation for shopping based on what's near you, though, please let me know.