How it Works:

Choose up to 5 portions for any entree.  

Most "extra" items will be 4-6 portions.
Prices include: Personalized menu, grocery shopping, delivery (within the city), easy reheat instructions. 

Prices do not include grocery costs.  
This can range from $60 (for an all-vegan menu for 2) to $150 (for an organic-only, lots of seafood menu for 6).  

While I try to shop as organic as possible, especially with pantry staples, grains, and spices, I know that organic is more expensive and will only buy “all-organic” under your advice.  Choosing to go 100% organic costs about 30% more.  
You'll can save money by choosing more plant-based entrees, like whole grains, beans, and lentils.

I usually shop for groceries at three places:

  • Stanley's Market for fresh produce
  • Whole Foods for pantry items, dry goods, meat, seafood, and dairy
  • Amazon Pantry for organic spices, gluten-free flours, and other pantry staples.  

I buy in bulk to get high-quality products at lower costs.  This helps save you money on grocery costs.

If you have a preference or recommendation for shopping based on what's near you, though, please let me know.